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DeLand Senior Stuff
Vol. V, Issue 1 April 2012

Senior Council in Search of New Blood

Due to a series of of unexpected events (actually, it is probably accurate to claim that
“unexpected” events for seniors should, in fact, be regarded as “expected” ones) the City
of DeLand’s Senior Council finds itself in a somewhat precarious position: We are
running out of Council members.

Nothing serious has happened. No plague has fallen upon the membership, no palace
revolt occurred;  just the ordinary ebbs and flows that occur at our age. In any event,
when we sat around the table at our last meeting we discovered we were short two

That’s where you come in. If you are a senior we urge you to apply to become a member of this (less than) august body. If you are not a senior, but work professionally in some capacity with seniors, you are also eligible for membership. If you live in a senior residence we are particularly interested in your applying for membership to the Council.

Interested? If so, you can call me at 736-8364 or, if you think you would be more comfortable dealing with someone else (I won’t feel bad; my wife is frequently  uncomfortable dealing with me), I suggest you call Robin Carter, the Executive Secretary to our CityManager, at 626-7107 and tell her of your interest.

 Five Regrets of the Dying
(A recent item in the AARP Bulletin offers some subtle advice.)
I wished I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself.
I wish I didn’t work so hard.
I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
I wish I’d stayed in touch with my friends.
I wish I’d let myself be happier.

CarFit Coming Again!

Dur ch di e Fol i e wi rd da s Fahr e n meerkklichangenehmer und—-What is this?
Someone sent me a copy of this very important program being sponsored by your very own Senior Council (that’s us!) and the thing is in German! Why should I use it, when I can, instead, tell you about this third annual event. Do you know the minimum distance you should have between your chest and the steering wheel of your car? Do you know the best way to adjust your mirrors to reduce blind spots? Do you know there is a better way to drive than to look through the steering wheel?
Carfit is NOT about determining if you are fit to drive, but to discover how your car can be adjusted to fit you. That car you bought wasn’t designed for you, personally. The CarFit program is like having your own personal tailor to alter your new outfit that you purchased off the rack. Don’t miss this grand opportunity.

Carfit is FREE. It takes about 20 minutes, while you sit in your car. A trained evaluator will check 12 points that make your driving experience as safe as it can be.

Carfit: Friday, April 27, 10-2pm, in the Sanborn parking lot.

Events At The Museum of Florida Art

Architectural Counterpoints (through July 15, 2012) Harold Garde’s Facade Mural Unveiling (and Reception: April 28th, 2 pm) Strappo (works by Harold Garde and Florida artists using the Strappo method) April 28- July 15

Regular Events at the Sanborn

M-AARPFreeTaxService-9:30-1:30 Shuffleboard-1:30,Monday Dance-2(April 2nd, wear a hat and be in the ballroom parade), Square dancing-6 ,Euchre-6:30
T-Wii bowling-9, Shuffleboard-1:30,Chorus-2:30, Zumba- 5:30, Pinochle-6:30, Ballroom Dance Lessons- 6:30
W-Tai-Chi-8:30, It’s All About Art-9:45, Bridge- 12, Chess-12:30, Mexican Train-12:30, Line Dancing-4, Pinochle-6:30, Belly Dancing-6:30, BASIC Computers-5
T-Quilters-8:30, Croquet-9:30, Hand & Foot-1, Beg. Ballroom Dance Lessons-2:30, Zumba-5:30
F-Tai Chi-8:30,West Volusia Artists-9, AARP free tax service-9:30-1:30,Sax and Ice Cream (1st Friday, only)-1, Shuffleboard-1:30 Sun-Pinochle every Sunday! 6-30

Special Events at the Sanborn in April!
Easter Egg Hunt-Dreggors Park-April 5-bring grandkids-5:30 start
Bus Trip-Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, lunch, April 18
Red-Tony Award winning play, April 18-12:30
Lunch bunch-Fitzpatrick’s Irish Pub, Lake Mary- April 19
For more details, call Jennifer at the Sanborn Center at 740-6860

Speaking of Stuff!

GovBenefits.gov (www.GovBenefits.gov), the official benefits website of the U.S. Government, quickly connects you with a list of benefit and assistance programs tailored to your specific needs. This confidential site has over 1,000 Federal and State assistance programs for seniors, veterans, children, the disabled, military dependents, disaster victims, and more.

Just jump on www.Gov.Benefits.gov, complete the confidential questionnaire and presto you are  looking at the programs that best suit your needs. I took this program on a test drive and, except for telling me I might be suitable for a local Head Start program, it worked perfectly (maybe I DO belong in Head Start). This website, managed by the U.S. Department of Labor and 15 Federal agency partners, allows you to quickly find programs that meet your needs, determine your eligibility, and obtain contact information for applying for applying for a wide range of programs. Use: www.GovBenefits.gov today.
Claim Your Freedom!

Are you tired of allowing others to tell you who you are and whom you can be? Claiming your power gives you the freedom to speak your truth and live your life by your design. Here are three steps to help you claim your power now!

1. Embrace and know that you always have a choice. Give yourself permission to say NO when you desire instead of saying yes to something you know you don’t wish to do. By giving yourself permission, you’re eliminating the guilt that can surface when you say no.

2. Take the time to nurture your divine connection. Connect with your Divine source so that you pay attention to your intuition, the small, quiet voice that guides you.

3. Become aware of the people you spend your time with. Do you find them energizing, supportive and uplifting? Do you feel better when you leave them than when you met? If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions, you have some decisions to make. Right now you’re reading these lines and maybe you’re aware of your thoughts as you read. Are your thoughts supporting you in claiming your power? Being invisible wreaks havoc on  self-esteem, self confidence and self-love.

Now is the time to discard the previous teaching.

Learn to speak with your own voice, learn to be bold and be seen!

Don’t go around unseen anymore.

Start right now to cultivate self-love and healthy self-esteem and claim your power. Having self-love and healthy self-esteem gives you a sense of freedom and drives you to live your life by design.

Inez Bracy
Lifestyle Transitions Coach,
(Ms. Bracy was so busy last month making history–it
was Women’s History Month– she forgot to get this
essay in on time.)

Monday, February 21, 2011


Third Anniversary Gift:
Mission Statement Redux

In March of 2008, Stuff had a coming out party. Actually, I think only gays, lesbians, and young wealthy girls have “coming out parties,” so I guess we had a debut. In any event, in that first issue, we published our “mission statement.” It remains the same, but just in case you are one of the roughly 300 million Americans who have not bumped into it, here it is:
It is the purpose of this publication to secure and disseminate information regarding health,
volunteer opportunities, and activities of potential interest to DeLand seniors.

Medicare’s New Preventive Care Should Help Seniors Stay Healthy

The Affordable Care Act has significantly expanded free preventive services. There is a great outline of the program—which includes at the very minimum, different 20 services—at www.seniorjournal.com. You can also get a “two-year calendar” of the tests for which you are eligible at www.MyMedicare.gov. Just print it out and take it to your next doctor’s appointment. This is a no-brainer, even if we don’t have one.

News Fit for Seniors

(The articles highlighted in this section can be found—and we urge you to find them—online in the January issue of the Senior Journal at www.seniorjournal.com.)CDC Predicts Big
Savings for Seniors

Seeking Medical Equipment and Supplies CDC Releases 34th Annual Report on the Nation’s Health Seniors Most Involved With Social Activity Least Likely to Become Disabled (DUH?) Number of Seniors Delaying Needed Care and Prescriptions Increased About 15% in Last 10 Years High Income Seniors ($85,000+) May Be In For Sticker Shock on Medicare Drug Premiums Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, CLRD, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes, and Influenza/Pneumonia: (This is a list, in order, of what? My guess is that if you spent 10- seconds on this, you got it right. )

5th Annual Florida Florida Wildflower and Garden Festival

A celebration and a forum to encourage environmentally healthy, friendly and sustainable gardening practices, while keeping a fun atmosphere. Speakers, emonstrations, children’s activities and entertainment. The festival also features vendors who provide information, products, and arts and crafts related to general gardening, native plant gardening, gardening for birds, butterflies and wildlife, habitat creation, conservation, recycling and “Green” living. West Indiana Ave., Downtown DeLand 9 -4 Free 386-738-0649 http:www.floridawildflowerfestival.com

46th Annual DeLand Outdoor Art Festival!

On March 26 and 27 the 46dth Annual DeLand Outdoor Art Festival will take place at Earl Brown Park. Running from 9-5 on both days, the Festival –one of two great ones held each year in DeLand—features music, food, and, oh yeah, a whole bunch of fabulous artwork. Don’t miss it!

It’s Time to “Play Ball!”

Hatters sweep Georgia to open season.

March will tell us more. There are 15 home games during the month at beautiful Melching field at Conrad Park. Maine, Columbia, Illinois, Central Michigan, Siena, Bethune-Cookman, and UCF pay us a visit. They have a few away games, too, but who cares. Lady Hatters off to 4-5 start. March will bring Tennessee State, Binghamton, Elon,  Monmouth, Jackson State, Iowa, Liberty, Colgate, and Dartmouth to the incredible award-winning Pat Wilson Field for a whole basketful of games. Try to catch some. Check the real world newspapers for dates and times for both teams.

Volunteer: It’s like Hitting a Triple
Call Pat: 736-5016 or e-mail her at:

Book Sale!
The super monthly book sale at the Library will be held March 11 & 12, 9:30-4; 50 cents is the top price. $2 dollars a bag on Saturday afternoon! Now that’s almost as good as stealing . . . . a base!

Events at The Sanborn

M- Senior Tennis Clinic-8:15, Shuffleboard-1:30, Monday Dance 2-4, SquareDance-6
T- Chorus Practice-2:30, Pinochle- 6:30, Ballroom Dance Lessons-6:30
W-Tai-Chi-8:30, It’s All About Art-9:45, Charley Baker Bridge-12, Chess Club-12, Mexican Train-12:45, Pinochle-6:30
T-Quilters-8:30, Canasta-11, Ballroom Dance Lessons-2:30
F-West Volusia Artists-9, Shuffleboard Open Play-1:30
(For more details on any of these activities, check out www.deland.org and click on the Senior Services Calendar, or call 740-6860)

Dare to Live NOW!

Remember as a child playing a game when something would go awry and your playmates would say, “I dare you to do that.” You’d look nervous and frightened, and then they would say, “I double dare you.” Now you’re in a pickle! You don’t want to look cowardly, but… Remember how good it felt when you took the dare and WON!

Fast forward to today. You’re making your own decisions and playing the game of life. No playmates to dare you, but you continue playing as if there are, saying “I don’t dare.” You continue to wonder why your life is the same today as yesterday. Seems as if nothing changes!

Imagine the difference if you take the DARE; if you live NOW! Once you decide to take the DARE and live now several things will happen. You decide the changes you’d like to make to feel fulfilled and have he life you’ve dreamt of.

That scared feeling will surface again as you make the desired changes in your life. Recognize the feeling, it an show up as doubt, uncertainty. It is perfectly natural. You are going into unknown areas of your mind. Know that this is an indication that the change you desire is taking place.

It won’t be easy, you can DARE to live the life you choose. Do not let the challenges derail you! Look at the challenges as opportunities and find the joy in them. Give yourself a double DARE; rise to the occasion and feel that good feeling of achievement!
Inez Bracy
Lifestyle Transitions Coach
Inez is available for coaching, speaking and training. Jump into Spring with a FREE coaching


At The Athens
Live Entertainment:
5—Live, in Concert: Kaleigh Baker and Peter Baldwin, Baker, a 21 year old jazz/blues fireball, and Baldwin, superb performer, join for a great concert
6—Pops Organ Concert/ Silent Movie Comedy
25, 26, 27, 31—The Sands Theater Company
19—Evening of Rock and Roll with Dave Somerville
The Producers Outrageous, hilarious, a bit risqué, off the wall, and winner of a record 12 Tony Awards. You will find yourself holding your sides with laughter as Max and Leo sing and dance their way through the
greatest show biz scam that there ever was!
2—Another Year, a happy couple, in their autumn years, encounter a whole bunch of unhappy friends
3 & 9—The Harmony Game, Simon and Garfunkel and the Making of Bridge Over Troubled Water
4—Four Lions, Jihad as farce 8 &30—Certifiably Jonathan, a surreal trip inside the mind of comedy legend, Jonathan Winters
10—Inside Job, the film that took $20,000,000,000,000 to make-the truth behind the economic crash
11 & 29—Animal Kingdom, award winning tale of a modern Ma Barker operating out of Australia
12—White Material, In the African heat, one woman stands alone. A stunning film.
12—Made in Dagenham, A true drama of equal pay for women—across the pond, of course
6 & 12—Rigoletto from Mantua, Verdi’s gripping
tale, filmed on the streets of Italy
20—Giselle, The Royal ballet revival of the classic
For more information and/or reservations, call the Athens Theatre box office at 736-1500, or go
online at: www.athenstheatre.org


1—CIW, Do the Right Thing: Campaign for Fair Food
2—Ray Arsenault, Freedom Riders
21—T.J. Leyden, former Neo-Nazi, Turning Away from Hate
24—Jonah Lehrer, The New Science of Decision-Making

2—Jazz Ensemble
15—Faculty Recital, oboe and Friends
17—Guest Recital, Gould Piano Trio
18—Guest Recital, Faina Lustak, piano
27—Woodwind Ensembles
29—Chamber Orchestra

For much more information regarding Stetson events, please go to: www.Stetson.edu then, find and click on “calendar of events” at the bottom of their home page.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Step On It!
Recent research has demonstrated that how fast seniors walk appears to be a better gauge of how long they will live than trying to do a more complicated analysis of age, sex, health, smoking history, and other variables.

A study found that seniors’ walking pace is linked to their longevity. In a study, it was found that those who walked at a pace tantamount to 2 ½ mph on a treadmill lived longer than those who walked slower.
 The report researchers from University of Pittsburgh found that walking speed can be used as a measure to determine how long elders will live. It was found that faster walkers had a greater chance of living longer than their slower counterparts.
 The report presented at the Gerontological Society of America, studied data of 492 elders of the age 65 and above. Yazan F. Roumani, research analyst and Stephanie Studenski, geriatrician and professor of medicine at Pitt, examined the performance of the group at Kansas City, Mo, for a decade. The result published after nine years showed that 77 percent of the elders who walked slower than 1 ½ miles per hour on a treadmill had died. However, out of those who walked on average speed of 2 ½ miles per hour on a treadmill survived longer. Only 27 percent had died in the group in comparison to 77 percent (slow walkers).

The researchers considered other factors such as chronic illness, age, race, sex and hospitalization. However, it was found that walking speed seem to be a separate factor in determining longevity.

According to Studenski, this amazing study highlighted that the common saying “as people get older they start to slow down” is true. The decrease speed is now known to be associated with longevity.

However, according to Studenski, the analysis is simplistic. Yet, it offers vital information for doctors and physicians.

Walking speed seem to be able to mirror healthy conditions of other body parts like the circulatory system, lungs, heart and limbs. The decline in walking speed can be associated with impoverishing functioning of these body parts. Thus, walking fast might mean that you are going to live longer.

 Change Your Attitude!
Feeling good has often been associated with good health. A new review of existing research seems to prove this is true for seniors— “positive emotions do influence healthy outcomes for older people.” Shape up, people!

 AMD On Decline!
A major cause of blindness in seniors, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), has dropped by about 1/3 in the past 15 years. Smoking cessation, better nutrition, and improved exercise may be possible explanations (along with having a better attitude and walking faster!).

Pancreatic Cancer Cure???
In “one of the most important studies ever,” University of Oklahoma scientists have “stopped pancreatic cancer in early stages.”
That’s good, huh!

Tax Time Help is Near
The AARP Tax Aid group has set up shop at the Earl Brown Senior Activities Center to provide low and moderate-income seniors assistance with their taxes. The hours are 9:30 – 1:30, Monday and Friday.

Ten Toughest States to Retire
According to the website, Money-Rates.com, the worst state to retire in is Nevada, followed by Michigan, Alaska, South Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina,Missouri, and Arkansas. Florida received “honorable mention,” whatever in the hell that means.
The “10 Best States to Retire,” according to the same source, were New Hampshire,Hawaii, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Virginia, Utah, Connecticut, Vermont, and Idaho
Assignment: Send all your retired friends in Idaho a Valentine and tell them how lucky they are.

Feb.12—Craft Beer Festival (60 beers from 36 breweries)—Artisan Alley—1-5 behind the  Conrad building between Georgia and W. New York Ave.
Lucy and Desi
Feb.26—Mardi Gras on MainStreet Dog Parade—Downtown—10-12

Stetson Baseball/Softball

If you have been watching men’s Stetson basketball, you are more than ready for a change of scenery. The men open the season with a three game set with the University of Georgia on Feb. 18, 19, and 20, and follow up with four games with the. U. of Maine 25-28.
The women host a tournament Feb. 11-13 (Mich. State, Boston, Tenn.), 18-20 (South Dakota State, Kansas, BCU), and 25-27 (Valpo, BCU, Chas. South.)

Volunteer: It’s like Giving a Valentine
Call Pat: 736-5016 or email her at

Book Sale
The super monthly book sale at the Library will be held February 11 & 12, 9:30-4; 50 cents is the top price. $2 dollars a bag on Saturday afternoon! Now there is a Valentine for a favorite friend. At this price, you can give one to an enemy!

Love, Older American Style

Last year at this time I printed this essay from the Senior Journal in our “Valentine’s” edition of Stuff. I have noticed that we still have way too many lonely singles out there, so here’s another try. (There’s a reason there a lot of pink on these pages, folks).

After pointing out that as we age it becomes more and more important to be connected to loved ones—or to make new ones, the essay noted that there are “abundant opportunities” for seniors looking for companionship.

Beginning with the point that there are about 4.5 million seniors in Florida, with about five women for every four men, the odds of finding such companionship should be pretty good. They suggest trying one or more of the following strategies:
1. Hit the Senior Center. The DeLand Center, for example, has all kind of activities from weekly dances to shuffleboard See our more complete list of activities at the Sanborn Center). This place defines “active.”
2. Take a class. Your area colleges all offer some kind of life-long learning programs.
3. Volunteer. Help your community and meet people at the same time. Now that’s novel.
4. Check out library events. The DeLand Library hosts several each month.
5. Explore online dating sites. Many of these focus on seniors. Be careful, select only good sites, and get with it.

Sacred Slave Stories
Museum of Florida Art, Feb. 5 & 6
Sacred Love Stories unfolds as a series of living memories of courage, sacrifice, resilience, tragedy, and hope.

Also at the Museum until March 13: Topographies, an exhibit by nationally recognized Barbara Sorensen.
These large-scale sculptural installations remind us of the globe’s wild, natural beauty.
The Museum of Florida Art is located at 600 N. Woodland. Call 734-4371. Or, go online at: www.museumoffloridart.org

Events at The Sanborn
M- Senior Tennis Clinic-8:15, Shuffleboard- 1:30, Monday Dance 2-4, SquareDance-6
T- Chorus Practice-2:30, Pinochle- 6:30, Ballroom Dance Lessons-6:30
W-Tai-Chi-8:30, It’s All About Art-9:45, Charley Baker Bridge-12, Chess Club-12, Mexican Train-12:45, Pinochle-6:30
T-Quilters-8:30, Canasta-11, Ballroom Dance Lessons-2:30
F-West Volusia Artists-9, Shuffleboard Open Play-1:30
(For more details on any of the

You and Punxsutawney Phil

Will the groundhog see his shadow and what does that have to do with us? Amazingly, the custom of the groundhog’s prediction has been around for 125 years with the same groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. What’s the secret to Phil’s longevity? One sip of “elixir of life” every summer at the Groundhog Picnic magically gives him seven more years of life.

Wouldn’t it be great if Phil shared his “elixir” with us mere humans! Imagine the life we would have knowing that each year we’re adding seven more years. What would you do with the added years? Would you
moan and complain about living too long, feeling young and having nothing to do? Or would you jump for joy knowing that you have all the time you desire to do ALL the things you desire.

Imagine living in a world where you have the time to “do over.” Remember playing as children when something wasn’t ‘right’ we’d yell “do over” and get to do it again. Somewhere while growing up we lost the
chance to “do over.” What would happen if you had enough time to:

1. forgive yourself and others
2. show unconditional love
3. let go of the guilt
4. hug like you mean it
5. say thank you for the little things
6. see your mate with new eyes
7. express your genuine feelings
8. dream unabashedly
9. help someone
10. live in the moment

You do have the time, even though we humans don’t get to share in Phil’s “elixir of life.” Starting right now, take a chance and “do over.” You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make in your life and others.
Yes, we will all watch and wait for Phil’s declaration! After all, he’s never been wrong in 125 years!

Inez Bracy, BS, MS, CNLP, inez@bracygroup.com
Lifestyle Transitions Coach, Speaker, Author

February Calendar

At The Athens

Live Entertainment:

4, 5, and 6—The Sands Theater Company Presents:
Noises Off! (The last three days to see the funniest farce EVER! Honest!)
11 & 12—An Evening of Elegance, music by the Greater Union First Baptist Church
25, 26, 27—The Gondoliers, Spotlight Theatre of Central Florida presents this tale of unintentional bigamy
2—Four Lions, Jihad as farce!
Independent Film Trilogy:
8--The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
9--The Girl that Played with Fire
15--The Girl that Kicked the Hornet’s Nest
(If you don’t know these titles, you wouldn’t be interested in seeing the films)
10—Howl, The story of the chronicler of the beat generation, Allen Ginsberg, and his (in)famous poem of the same name. Wow!
13 & 19—Tamara Drewe (When the ugly duckling sashays back to the village of her youth, she ain’t ugly anymore)
14—Romeo and Juliet, filmed before a live audience at The Globe
19—Mesrine: Killer Instinct, Odyssey of the legendary French gangster (“Man of a 1,000 Faces”)
20—Inside Job, The film that cost more than $20 trillion to make, how the world economic crisis of 2008 happened
27—Love’s Labour’s Lost, From The Globe to here
6—Don Giovanni—If you like your opera a little on the racy side, this contemporary version is for you
20—Cosi fan Tutte—Mozart, girl swapping, in a modern setting. Nice, huh?

For more information and/or reservations, call the box office at 736-1500, or go online at: www.athenstheatre.org

AT Stetson
17-20—Big Love (Stover Theatre)
9—Advance Man
10—A Darwinian View of Climate Change
21—The Russian Intelligentsia
25—The Emotional Brain
4—Faculty Recital, “Sounds New”
5—Faculty Recital, violin and piano
8—Music by Black Composers
11—University Symphonic Band
15—Faculty Recital—Organ
26-27—Universtiy Opera Theatre, Marriage of Figaro (at DeLand High School)
For much more information regarding Stetson events, please go to: www. stetson.edu then find and click on “calendar of events” at the bottom of their home page.

If you have some stuff you think belongs in Stuff, send your stuff to delandseniorstuff@yahoo.com  and the odds are a little bit better than the NRA calling for a ban on guns that your stuff will appear in a subsequent issue of Stuff. (Or call Burgher, the editor – at 736-8364, unless he is watching a ball game, at the pool, thinking positive, reading a good book, watching a play, arguing, or doing some other fun stuff that seniors do.)

If you have information or comments about this publication’s blog edition contact nan.sherrill@gmail.com or at carfitsafetyexpo@gmail.com

Friday, January 28, 2011


Seven Reasons Why You Should Volunteer

1. Volunteering is an opportunity to get out of the house and meet newpeople.

2. It will make you feel like you serve a purpose…and you do.

3. Volunteering keeps your mind and body agile.

4. Your contribution is always appreciated.

5. Learn new skills and knowledge.

6. Staying busy keeps your mind off any problems you may have.

7. You never know when opportunity arrives from your volunteering efforts.

Here at the Volunteer Office in the Wayne G. Sanborn Activity Center, we have a wide variety of Volunteer opportunities that will fit your interests and needs. Sometimes it’s good to be needy, and in this case, it’s good for your soul.

Register in person at: Wayne G. Sanborn Activity Center, 751 S. Alabama Avenue, DeLand, FL 32724. Or call: 386-736-5016.

Or you can apply online at: http://www.deland.org. Then scroll down and click on Register to Volunteer and email back to: volunteers@deland.org.

We look forward to helping you realize the Seven Reasons Why You Should Volunteer!